Vision, Mission & Goals


To Promote the Software Quality as a Profession and a Success factor in the Jordanian software industry structure.


To bring and facilitate the continuous improvement of Software Quality Community in Jordan by identifying, communicating, and promoting the use of software quality principles, concepts, business driven practices and technologies.

JOSTQB aims to:

- Standardize Software Quality profession in Jordan using an internationally recognized body (ISTQB). - Gain recognition for Software Quality as an essential and professional software engineering specialization by IT industry in Jordan. Provide a standard framework for the development of Software Quality professionals’ careers in Jordan. - Enable professionally qualified Software Quality practitioners in Jordan to be recognized by employers, customers and peers, and raise the profile of Software Quality practitioners. - Promote software quality concepts and business driven practices within the software engineering industry in Jordan. Identify the software quality disciplines and topics that are relevant and of value to the IT industry in Jordan. - Provide an opportunity for Software Quality practitioners or those with an interest in software quality to acquire an internationally industry recognized qualification in Jordan. - Promote software quality as a profession and increase the number of qualified Software Quality practitioners in Jordan. Establish a recognized software quality community in Jordan for interchange of knowledge for mutual professional benefit. - Help Software Development and Engineering organizations in establishing their software quality functions and processes.

JOSTQB promotes and values:

- Honesty, objectivity, and diligence in the performance of software quality professionals’ duties and responsibilities. - Continuous strive for improvement in the proficiency of software quality professionals and most importantly in the effectiveness and quality of their service. - Software quality professionals’ obligation to maintain the high standards of competence, morality, and dignity. The maintenance and improvement of software quality professionals’ professional competency through continuous education. - Cooperation in the development and interchange of knowledge for mutual professional benefit. The maintenance of high personal standards of moral responsibility, character, and business integrity.