What is Jordanian Software Testing Qualifications Board (JOSTQB)?

JOSTQB is the Jordanian national branch of the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) which is the world’s leading organization for Software Testing Certification founded in 2002 - Headquarters in Belgium as a non-profit association. ISTQB is the most popular software testing certification in the world with more than 570,000 testing certificates awarded across 100+ countries.It is a none-profit organization responsible for defining various guidelines such as examination structure and regulations, accreditation, certification etc. Working groups within the ISTQB® are responsible for developing and maintaining the syllabi and exams. The ISTQB® comprises representatives from each existing National and Regional Board. JOSTQB is the exclusive ISTQB exam and certification provider in Jordan and the region, and the only body to issue official ISTQB certificates.

What are the steps to register and take my online exam with JOSTQB?

We hope you will find answer to your questions here. If not, we’ll be glad to receive you call or email inquiry 1. Send an email to ([email protected]) and indicate the exam you are interested in 2. We will send you an application form to fill, to collect some needed info about you and your experience. If you are applying for any advanced level certificate, please also send us your CV. 3. You will fill and Sign the form, and send back to us. 4. JOSTQB committee will review the form, to make sure you are eligible to take the desired certificate. A committee representative may call you to inquire 5. We will notify you if you are eligible or not for taking the exam 6. If you are eligible, we will create an invoice for you with the payment amount 7. We will send you an eFAWATEERCom payment number 8. Please notify us when you pay, and we will check that RSS received your payment 9. When your payment is confirmed, we will notify you, then we will buy your exam eVoucher. The eVoucher is valid until end of 12/2021. 10. Once the eVoucher is received, we will send it to you with instructions document 11. The instructions explain how to login to the exams system to buy your exam, how to schedule your exam by yourself, how to prepare for the exam, and what to expect during the exams 12. If you need to reschedule the exam, you can do so yourself. 13. You will take your exam in the time you scheduled, and you will know the result immediately after submitting your exam. We wish you luck! 14. We receive your detailed exams results after around two business days of your exam, and if you passed the exam you will receive an official congrats email from JOSTQB. 15. If you passed your exam, we will start preparing your hardcopy certificate and cover page. This takes around two weeks. 16. Please call us after two weeks to arrange for taking your certificate! We wish you a great experience with JOSTQB and in your exam! Contact us at: 0798566206 or [email protected]

Considering Covid-19 precautions, when and how can I take to the ISTQB exams through JOSTQB?

Considering Covid-19 precautions, and until the end of 2/2021, your exam will be online and remotely proctored. This option allows the candidate to take the exam at his/her convenience while insuring the integrity of exam results, and allows the candidate to know their exam results on spot. The candidate takes an online version of the exam on his/her own laptop at his/her own location (at home for example), after installing specific software and going through Instruction guide and steps provided by JOSTQB. A proctor connects with the candidate remotely before the exam session and makes specific check-ups to make sure the software is running correctly and that the environment where the candidate is sitting is suitable for taking the exam in different aspects then allows for taking the exams and supervises the candidate through it. The results are available immediately for none-expert level exams, while it takes between (1-2) months to correct for expert level exams as it includes essay questions.

If I passed ISTQB exams, when can I get the certificate?

JOSTQB starts preparing your printed certificate preparation after it gets your detailed exams results (which is received is approximatly two buiness days after you pass the exam), and it will contact you once the certificate is ready. This process usually takes two business weeks, but actul time depends on Covid-19 measures to be taken during the process.

Where the Jordanian Software Testing Qualifications Board is located and why?

The Jordanian Software Testing Qualifications Board (JOSTQB) is located in the Royal Scientific Society which is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan. RSS share its own experts and resources to activate and operate JOSTQB due to the importance of gathering a forum for experts and practitioners to exchange expertise and standardize the software quality profession leading to improved software testing practices in Jordan.

What are the advantages of ISTQB® certification conducted by JOSTQB?

This is a truly internationally recognized certification program recognized in multiple countries in multiple continents. For the list of participating countries please visit ISTQB® Geographic coverage. Test experts from various countries are constantly working towards defining and refining the syllabus, the exam pattern, the examination questions and compiling the valuable information on testing around the World. This certification aims at providing properly trained professionals who are posed to transform a Software Testing and Quality Assurance experience into highly organized discipline yielding the highest quality error free software products. Companies who chose to train and exam their staff at JOSTQB can expect increased quality of both their workforce skills and their end products with long lasting beneficial effects on their reputation and competitive edge. Recently, ISTQB announced that 1 million exams have been taken worldwide, which emphasizes the credibility and strength of ISTQB : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/istqb_software-testing-certification-activity-6754412048798515200-Aet7

How can I be obtain the ISTQB certification and how much does it cost?

The Jordanian Software Testing Qualifications Board (JOSTQB) is the sole Examination Institute/Certification Body for the ISTQB® certificates in Jordan. The certificate will show your name, the ISTQB® logo, a reference to the syllabus, on which the certification is based and the effective date of certification.The cost depends on the exam.Please contact JOSTQB.

When does JOSTQB list my name in Successful Candidates Registry (SCR) and?

When you visit JOSTQB and take your hardcopy certificate, you will be asked to sign an SCR form which basically means that you want your name and certificate info to be uploaded to SCR website.You can choose not to, but if you chose so, JOSTQB lists your name in that month's list and upload your name on the SCR website at the end of the month

What is the content of the exams?

Each exam contains a pre-defined number of questions, aimed at verifying the acquired professional knowledge of the candidate on the topics covered by the Learning Objectives for the relevant Foundation, Advanced or Expert syllabus. All Learning Objectives in the relevant syllabus are examinable. Answers to examination questions may require the use of material from more than one section of the syllabus. The Advanced level exam questions may require the knowledge of the Foundation syllabus. The Expert level exam questions may require the knowledge of the Foundation syllabus and of the Advanced syllabus that has been defined as pre-requisite.

How is the Foundation level exam (CTFL) structured?

The Foundation Level exam comprises 40 multiple-choice questions, with a scoring of 1 point for each correct answer, a pass mark of at least 65% (26 or more points) and a duration of 60 minutes (or 75 minutes for candidates taking exams that are not in their native language). The breakdown of the exam questions is done according to international guidelines and exam content reviews are periodically conducted to ensure consistency.

Are there entry criteria to take an ISTQB® exam?

The Foundation Level exam has no pre-requisites. Preparation on the syllabus topics (obtained either through attending a course provided by an accredited Training Provider, from professional experience, and/or through self-study) is recommended. To take the Advanced Level exams, the Foundation exam must have been successfully passed. The possession of the Foundation Level Certificate may have to be proved. ISTQB® also recommends practical experience before taking this exam. In addition, sufficnet experience is required and you will be asked to provide your CV. a JOSTQB representitive may call you for a quick evaluation. The required experience in usually three years, but it depends on the specifc exam.Contact JOSTQB for more details.

Is there any validity period for this certification?

Foundation Level and Advanced Level ISTQB® certificates are valid for life.Expert level certificates expire after 3 years of obtaining them